Eilya Speech and Language Centre

What is Stammering.

Stammering or Stuttering is a speech problem which occurs when the speaker is not able to maintain a smooth forward flow of speech and experiences recurrent blocks in the production of speech sounds in conversational speech, particularly when excited or under psychological stress. A person who stammers often has difficulty in smoothly coordinating breathing exhalations during speech caused by lack of synchrony between his thoughts and his speaking machine. Most persons who stammer attempt to avoid or substitute particular words and situations. The problem has both physical and psychological overtones. Stammering is not a disease but an undesirable speech habit with causes havoc with the sufferer’s self-confidence. You may just keep repeating (“p-p-p-p-please”), sometimes the whole is repeated (“my-my-my-my name is”). It feels as if you can’t help it- it just happens-sometimes it happens without any warning and other times it happens on particular words or at important moments. You may develop clever tricks to stop it happening. For example, finding a different word that is n’t so hard or putting an extra word or sound in first. At the other time you might just avoid the words or the situation altogether. Perhaps you find that the words or the beginning sounds gets completely stuck, and nothing comes out at all when this happens, the other person might not even know that you are trying to speak .It can be very frustrating and embarrassing.

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